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Little Things

Title: Little Things
Author: digitaldesigner
Beta: serialbathera
Cover: kasiopeia
Word Count: 115
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Always
Pairing/Characters: Castle/Beckett
Summary: It was the little things.
Disclaimer: If you recognize them, they belong to Andrew Marlowe. Otherwise, they're mine.
Author's Note: Written for castleland.

It was the little things. He called her Kate instead of Beckett more often than not. When he opened a door for her, it was his hand on the small of her back. When they were relaxing with a movie, it was the smile on his face as he held her in his arms. It was the love that shone in those blue eyes when he kissed her good morning. It was how even though she was the cop, he made her feel protected like no one ever had before.

Yes, she'd known for over a year that he loved her, but it was the way he showed her that really made her feel loved.
Tags: author: aimee, fandom: castle, pairing: kate beckett/richard castle, rating: pg, type: stand alone
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